About Us

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We are your personal shipper, and logistics management company that control the efficient shipping, and storage of your goods. We also service, and relate information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet your needs.

  •    Professional and easy to communicate with.
  •    Discounted Carrier Rates.
  •    Customs & Compliance Inspection.
  •    Package Return Services Details.


At Bellshiptinow we are professionals and expert on maximizing members SAVING on shipping.

Packing service and Tip to SAVE on your shipping cost

You can decrease your shipping cost by 80% when you send multiple packages because we will consolidate them into one. We pack every item by hand in order to make sure your valuable purchases are safely protected.

A Productivity Platform

We offer free package consolidation in order to SAVE our members money on international shipping charges.

****Bellshipitnow’s membership is free, customer will only pay for their shipping and $35 administration/service fee of shipment items enclosed in a box with max dimensions 12x10x9, any additional boxes or anything exceeding these dimensions will not exceed half of administration/service fee. ****

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